Join our 6 week challenge evolve to your mind and body


So what do I get in this 6 week challenge?

You get EVERYTHING you need to make that change

Looking for a whole new lease on life? Our 6 Week Evolution Challenge will give you that kick start so that you can get back on track with your goals, ensuring that you achieve the best results you could ask for. We have put together a complete pack which includes everything that you need to evolve your body to a higher level and find a calmer state of mind.

You get all the following

  • 5 functional High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes, Yoga or Reformer Pilates classes.
  • Heart Rate monitor and app for personalised fitness tracking
  • Nutrition plan from Registered Diet Nutritionist Kimberley Bell
  • Fitness or body composition assessment at beginning and end of the challenge
  • FREE $ on your Kia Kaha account. For every 50 points* you get 1 Fitcoin to spend on selected services at Kia Kaha StudiosKimberley Bell
High Intensity Interval Training with kettle bell swings

How is this personalised?

Kia Kaha Studios is an inclusive studio offering a range of different exercises to ensure that you have a balanced, well rounded routine. With small classes limited to a maximum of 12 (for Pilates and HIIT) or 14 (Yoga), we will ensure that EVERY class you will feel challenged, given that personal guidance and learn a little bit.

For your own tracking in this challenge we include a Heart rate monitor and app to see how you progress. At the end all this translates into Fitcoin so you can continue your journey after and make this a healthy, sustainable change.

With a Wellness consultation and the option of either a fitness or body composition assessment you will be able to see the change from beginning to end. This will also set you up and show you which classes would be best for you to achieve your goals.

How does Fitcoin work?

Your heart rate (HR) is a great measure of your cardiovascular effort. In our HIIT classes these are transmitted onto our screen so that you can monitor A maximum heart rate (MHR) is determined based off your age and from here we can determine your Heart Rate Zones (HRZ). The higher the % of your MHR you work in, the more points this is worth. A mindful yoga class therefore won’t get as many points as a Vinyasa class or Reformer Pilates class. A HIIT class will definitely get the most as this is the aim for these classes. Below is a table to show the points attributed to 1 minute spent in each HRZ

  1. 50 – 60% 1 point per minute
  2. 60 – 70% 2 points per minute
  3. 70 – 80% 3 points per minute
  4. 80 – 90% 4 points per minute
  5. 90 -100% 5 points per minute

These points can then be converted into Fitcoin UPON REQUEST in the 2 weeks following the challenge. for every 50 points you get $1 Fitcoin to spend on selected services at Kia Kaha Studios so that you can continue the good work that you started.


What are my options?

6 weekly payments of $79

One payment of $449 (save $25)


Yoga has so many benefits for your body such as stability in your joints, flexibility, and strength (not to mention being able to do all the awesome things you see on Youtube) but it also has a lot of mental benefits such as clarity of thought, focus, stress relief and management. There are many different types of yoga and the ones we do at Kia Kaha Studios are Vinyasa (which directly translates to flow in Sanskrit) and a combination of Yin/Restorative which is called Mindful. For more information on this have a read on our Yoga page.


High Intensity Interval Training

Maintaining good cardiovascular health has enormous health benefits not to mention that it enables you to have the energy to keep up with the kids, slay it on the slopes while boarding and get shredded. It also has great stress management benefits as you get to burn out the crazy a bit? Using heart rate monitors enables us to track accurately how you are doing. This is great for those that find cardio difficult or like to see results (don’t we all?) as it sets goals and then you can track how you are doing. To track your progress over time you can bring any Heart rate monitor that links up to ANT+ technology or we have them in the studio for the affordable price of $70 which includes an app to monitor and manage your progress and workouts.

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