We live in a fast paced system valuing all that is external, all that is outside of ourselves.

We live increasingly in our minds projecting into the future or ruminating in the past.

A global population lives disconnected from our essence in a state of unwellness. Anxiety and depression are rampant and dis-ease created by the way we exist is a ‘normal’ and expected sentence.

We feel separate from each other and from the flow of the natural world, disconnected from its rhythms that move within us.

This virus has caused us to stop. Stop our chaos. Stop and withdraw.

The only thing we can do now is return home, for some of us that is literally to our homes, away from life as we know it, the deadlines and the pressure.

It is time for us as a global people to switch from our sympathetic nervous system, our daily fight or flight way of life into our parasympathetic nervous system our rest and digest way of being.

With nothing to do and no where to go what else is there to but observe how we have been relating to each other, to our planet?

Observe our planet heal as a result of our absence. For she too can have her time to rest and digest. Also to observe that in the most tangible example of our separation we find the greatest sense of unity ever experienced – on a global scale.

We are in this together.

A deep shift is taking place. A time of retreat to enable transformation. To stop our empty pursuit of possessions, living in a way that depletes our personal well-being mirroring that of the depletion of our planet.

You could stay in fear, adding to the panic. Yes jobs will be lost, everything is up in the air and all is uncertain.

But we have choices.

Can you be with what is. Can you allow what is showing up? Sit back and breathe deeply, trust in the unknown and surrender to the possibility of a new way forward… One that your limited thinking mind could not possibly fathom?

Will we as a people step up to the shift, reconnect with the soul of the world, feel it move within us? Will we surrender our constant fight and allow ourselves to know ourselves differently?

Can we journey from fear into love?

There is great potential to emerge with creative new way of relating to each other and our planet.

To find a new conscious way of being  resulting in wellness, happiness and joy at a soul level.

My heart should be filled with trepidation and concern but I’m quietly excited about the infinite possibility that lays within the uncertainty and the potential for us to wake up on a mass scale.