A Māori phrase that means “Be Strong”. Our team believes strength comes from within and covers spiritual (heart), mental (mind) and physical (body) states.

Kia Kaha Studios aims to assist people through the journey of finding their strength in order to continuously develop self-confidence, well-being and a healthy body. We provide exercise programs that focus on activating a variety of muscle groups and work to strengthen and lengthen the spine so that you can stand taller and improve your flexibility, balance and body awareness.

We understand that everybody is different and we believe that we should aim to be the best we can. With that in mind, we will always encourage you to challenge your limits but also understand your body, keep focused on technique and go at your own pace.

Let us guide you to bring out the best of YOU!


The Kia Kaha Studios Founder

Karl Henare is the Founder and Head Trainer of Kia Kaha Studios

Karl`s experiences range from travelling around the world, working in the corporate environment, adventuring himself in the entrepreneurial life and finally falling in love with the human body movement through Fitness.
Having grown up on the North Shore and attending TGS, Karl obtained his qualification and experience as a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor in Melbourne – Australia. He saw an opportunity to bring his knowledge to create a different boutique workout experience back to New Zealand. A dynamic and challenging exercise program that focus on mind-body awareness while improving strength, core stability, physique and sense of well-being.

As a Personal Trainer, Karl built a reputation of being technical, passionate and results driven. He connects with his clients through his own experiences of evolving from a modern life often focused on sedentary activities to achieving a functional and healthy body.

His qualifications involve a Bachelor of Commerce with Double Major in Marketing and Management, Certificate IV in Pilates, a Certificate IV in Fitness, Outdoor Survival Qualification as well as Pre and Post-Natal Training.
Karl brings a wealth of knowledge to Auckland and is dedicated to sharing it with his trainers so the love for living the life you want is spread.

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