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Get the most out of your cardio exercise – Know your heart rate zones

Why is tracking your heart rate so important? Cardio can be challenging as it is based in effort rather than actual...

Starting your journey towards holistic health and fitness

Kia Kaha Studios – Starting your journey towards Holistic Health Welcome to Kia Kaha Studios, a new, holistic evolution of health...

HIIT and stretch – why it’s the perfect pair

HIIT and stretch – why it’s the perfect pair We get it, you’re busy. You barely have time to make a...

Parasympathetic nervous system vs the sympathetic

How (and why) to tune into your nervous system

Parasympa-what?! Be sympathetic to your nervous system and learn to relax on the daily. How (and why) to tune into your...

What is Pilates

Common misconceptions about Pilates

Pilates isn’t just stretching for girls and dancers, or another name for yoga. Karl Henare, Founder of Kia Kaha Studios busts...

group reformer pilates class - kia kaha studios

Learn to love working out

Learn to love working out – it is possible to be one of ‘those’ people The alarm sounds at 5:30am, you...


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