Yoga for kids
Movement of the body, stillness of the mind.

Why yoga?

Yoga is so much more than just doing the movements. Not only is it incredibly beneficial for your childs physical development but there are other benefits such as;

  • Yoga is a perfect companion to the academic system, as its focus is on being a well rounded, balanced person. It is far more than just a series of physical movements.
  • Yoga helps create a strong sense of self. Creating self awareness, emotional stability, confidence, focus as well as many more important internal attributes
  • Yoga also teaches you how to ethically interact with the world non harming, truthfulness, non-stealing etc
  • The world has changed and we need to change with it. Kia Kaha is about developing your mana as an internal focus and guide to stay true and centred.
  • This will also benefit their academic study as holding concentrated focus for prolonged periods of time is where yoga leads
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Is there proof that yoga helps?

There is a growing attention worldwide to supplying children with the tools to be able to lead happy, productive lives. It is important that these skills are developed early so that their transition into adulthood is smoother, calmer and less chaotic as we learn to deal with emotions and within society. Rather than cite specific examples we have carefully chosen we invite you to search Google and determine your own view, visit or just come along and have a chat. There are a number of case studies showing the benefit of being mindful in today’s society and articles from Forbes, CNN,… the list is ongoing.

Time is a limited resource

In today’s busy society we need to make sure that time is well managed but what is most important for you and your family? Health, happiness, family? When we see how much time we spend on what is most important the balance is out quite often. Taking that into account we have reformer pilates classes on at the same time so you are able to lead by example and lead the healthy, happy, life that you want your child to see and emulate.

You can use your gold or silver class packs/memberships to pay for this
Parents can have up to 2 children using their classes upon request.

2- 5 years old

Keeping the environment vibrant and fun, visually exciting and using a range of props (balloons, ribbons, beach balls, soft toys) to hold their interest, the pre-schoolers will learn through play and curiosity by using creative story-telling, adventure, games, songs and dance as they are guided through a variety of yoga poses designed to appeal to their imagination and, simple breathing exercises to promote a relaxed mind and body.

The focus in these classes are grounding and connects us to the earth, as well as helping us to feel safe and secure. When children feel at “home” or secure they have a solid foundation.  That solid foundation can help kids feel safe to explore and try new things, knowing they always can return to “home base”. Bringing along a favourite toy or snuggle blanket to the yoga class will provide a sense of familiar security.

Note: Parents are welcome to stay and watch/participate

5 – 9 years old

Yoga for this age group will assist the children become more relaxed and confident with their bodies and will encourage curiosity, enthusiasm and patience.  Working with their natural energy and creativity the children will be guided through a variety of poses, fun themes and games to promote strength, flexibility, coordination, self-discipline, focus, stillness and breath work all designed to nurture a strong, healthy body and a calm mind. These classes will focus on building upon what was in the earlier classes and also incorporate security and feelings.

School has started for the 5 year olds and whilst still primarily in the earlier developmental stages until the age of 7, they begin their attempt to understand the world, go through first time life-experiences, attempt to transfer their knowledge to others, experience their first craving for the mysterious and the unknown nature of the world, continue to be motivated by feelings and by fear and by the age of 9 may have a first experience of love outside the parents and family.  The main focus will be understanding, and hence learning to control pleasure, emotions, and creativity.

10 – 14 years old

Yoga can provide a fun, challenging and stimulating environment for this age group to learn to experience how their bodies move, feel and react to the various poses, release excess energy, learn how to calm and focus their minds and provide tools to assist with stress management, regulate their moods and assist with natural sleep patterns.  Introducing a variety of poses to work all parts of the body including forward bends, backbends, standing poses, seated poses, twists, side-bending poses, balances, inverted poses through to meditation and breathing exercises all designed for strength, flexibility, coordination, self-discipline and concentration. With this age group there may be resistance to come to yoga and it is our job to keep it interesting, challenging, engaging and not too serious.

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