Learn to love working out – it is possible to be one of ‘those’ people

The alarm sounds at 5:30am, you spring out of bed, shimmy into your gym gear, down your pre-prepared alkaline water with a splash of lemon, take a moment to set your intentions for the day and get your toned bod to the gym for a good sweat session. Ha! If only! Most of us aren’t #fitspo bloggers or sponsored athletes and the reality is that learning to love exercise doesn’t come naturally for most.  Fear not, the team at Kia Kaha Studios have got you covered with our top tips to get you from fit..no to fitspo.

1 – Take a good hard look at your why.

While it’s great to have a goal in mind, if you’re constantly shredding for the wedding or buffing for the beach you’ll find it difficult to get to a place where exercise is an intrinsic part of your life. Setting your sights on long term less tangible benefits like feeling good in your body and mind will set you up for success. Bite sized achievable goals (and rewards) along the way are the icing on the (cheat day) cake.

2 – It’s all about that feeling.

Those who exercise regularly and consistently begin to feel like they’ve uncovered an amazing secret (no this is not a cult, it’s called endorphins). Give it a serious go and soon enough you’ll crave the feeling it gives you and the physical and mental benefits will simply become an amazing by-product. Hello old jeans that didn’t use to fit and hello my old friend positivity.

3 – Slow and steady really does win the race

Set yourself up for success by ensuring your regime is achievable within your current lifestyle. Start off with a timetable that seems absolutely inexcusable (and schedule these in to your life) with the aim to build on this once you’ve found your groove. 

4 – It’s a date!

While many a romance has formed over a reformer bed or yoga mat we’re not talking dating, we’re talking byo buddy. Forming a fitness habit with a friend, family or loved one not only helps with accountability, but also keeps it fun. And for those times when your buddy can’t make it, you can rely on great instructors to provide that extra motivation.

5 – Pie and a latte or Pilates?

Exercising makes you thirsty, you drink water, your body is hydrated, you feel great, you reach for the salad rather than the pie (most of the time), your skin is clearer and you just feel better overall. Simple!


Kia Kaha’s key to killing it:

  • Set clear goals and treat yo’self

  • Fall in love with endorphins

  • Create an achievable schedule

  • Two is better than one – bring a buddy

  • Focus on the feeling – trust us, everything else will come!

Getting started really is the hardest part, so don’t think about it too much –  join us and we’ll have you saying the L-word in no time!