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Kristy Meyer

Homeopath, Hot Stone Massage therapist, Yoga teacher, Studio Coordinator

Hi, I’m Kristy. My passion is natural health and wellbeing.

I began my journey at age 19 studying holistic massage and then homeopathy, learning that the mind, emotions and physical body are intrinsically linked. The physical body indicating when the emotional body is out of balance.

I have always been very active physically and then one day I tried yoga and discovered the magic it held. I started to feel the benefits off my mat in my everyday life and decided I wanted to share this magic with others. So, three years ago I completed my yoga teacher training, learning a safe sustainable form of yoga which is accessible to all bodies and ages.

Through the yogic practice of pranayama (breathing techniques), physical asana and mindfulness we can slow down, turn our gaze inward to connect with how we are feeling and in turn unlock what emotions are stored in our physical body.

I love the physical vinyasa flow, connecting movement with breath, finding strength and flow, lightness and adaptability.  Skills we can take off the mat and use in our everyday life.

I also have a strong love of Yin yoga. Life is so busy these days we all need time to stop, slow down and connect to how we are feeling. Yin yoga creates the space for our body to soften, to open, to surrender as we allow the letting go of what no longer serves us. This is the balance of life the yin and the yang.

Come and join me on the mat as I take you on a journey inward.

You will also find me in my Align clinic at Kia Kaha Studios offering my services of massage, homeopathy, yoga therapy and doTERRA essential oils.

Come visit me soon.

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