Kia Kaha Studios – where the mind, body and spirit unite.

Kia Kaha Studios – Starting your journey towards Holistic Health

Welcome to Kia Kaha Studios, a new, holistic evolution of health and fitness. If you are starting your journey towards Holistic Health and Fitness we aim to redefine what a work out means to you and help you achieve strength, both inside and out. Enabling you to live the life that you want.

Why not just go to the gym? I mean it’s way cheaper.

Starting off we should start with how we differ from the traditional gym environments. Your traditional gym has been focussed on movement and getting a good workout. There is a prevailing philosophy in gyms that a good workout is one where you can’t walk properly the next day… or lift a coffee. Those definitely have their place but this is only part of the picture. Have you ever been to the gym and seen people mindlessly working out doing the same routine that they are comfortable with? Whether that is walking on the treadmill while listening to a podcast or maybe even watching the tv, or even lifting weights with a friend who spends more time on their phone than actually doing exercise. Well this is a great way to zone out and while MUCH better than sitting down mindlessly in front of the tv eating whatever is readily available it doesn’t really give you clarity on what is stressing you out, or requiring you to end up needing this escape from your thoughts and feelings. In fact it doesn’t even address thoughts and feelings and their impact on your physical well being. We at Kia Kaha will not only do our very best to get to know you so we can watch your journey but also it enables us to be able to supply some knowledge that you might not have been aware of previously. Every workout will not only have the personal touch, but you will also learn something challenging not only your body, but also your thoughts and beliefs. 

Mind over body… or mind AND body.

We all realise the power of emotions and thoughts on our physical well being, whether we acknowledge it directly or indirectly. People are more likely to get sick, or make poor decisions if they are going through a challenging emotional time. You are more likely to get upset and think less clearly if you are physically are experiencing pain. Well this is where Kia Kaha Studios has our focus. We work on ensuring that you are well balanced within your mind, body and spirit. To support this we have a range of services to help you on a path to being happy and healthy by ensuring that you are physically, mentally and emotionally strong.

To make bookings you can go to our website but to manage your account then we suggest downloading our app, Kia Kaha Studios. You are able to book, cancel, see your account and book private classes… for anything you can’t do you are always welcome to call us on 09 600 1890

If this is your first time doing Pilates, Yoga or HIIT then we would suggest reading through our introduction to each of these exercise modalities and if you aren’t familiar with, or would like a refresher, on the reformer then have a read of that as well. All this is located under the category “New to Kia Kaha Studios”

First time at the studio? Things to ensure you have a smooth, enjoyable first experience.

For all classes we suggest you plan to be at the studio 10 minutes before the class starts. There is form to fill out which was designed so that it would be for someone who hadn’t set up an account so there might be a double up of information. Please feel free to skip the information that we already have it on file. The most important parts are your injury history, name and signature.

The most important thing to starting your journey with holistic health and fitness is to come with an open mind. We pride ourselves on being a centre that has a diverse range of holistic health practices all under the same roof. We have the belief that the mind, body and spirit are all connected and when you affect one, then you affect the others. From this if there is a repeating problem that we can’t seem to shift whether it is physical, such as a consistently tight neck, lower back pain etc, it may be because of a physical thing such as sitting too much, or straining to see a computer. It might also be that there is maybe too much on your mind and you need help changing the way you view things. Or maybe it could be