“So I’ve had my first Pilates class ever today…and I loved it!

I’ve been hitting the gym for a little while, reproducing exercises I’ve learnt but let’s be honest, fluffing around for 20 min out of the hour I would stay.

During the pilates session, I’ve been encouraged, supported, motivated in the exercises, each of them working on different parts of my body. It was hard but extremely rewarding at the end of the session! Sonia and Karl were attentive to make us work safely and productively by getting the good posture, while projecting enthusiasm and optimism, I can’t wait to go back!”

Gwen Le Corre

“The class today was actually a lot of fun. Hard work but good hard work. The atmosphere is light and friendly. The instructors friendly, funny and really good at explanations and the studios look wonderful! I was a bit tentative to try a Pilates reformer class but I feel like I may have found my new fav way to work out! Thanks guys”

Angela Fayth

“Great Pilates studio! Definitely be back, loved the class today.”

Astrid Henare

“First time trying out reformer Pilates and I absolutely loved it. It’s great to have an amazing studio in walking distance from home. Really beautiful space and really enjoyed my first class, I’ll see you this week!”

Braxy Curteis

“I’m healing from a big injury and I have always heard Reformer Pilates is the bomb for recovery so I gave this a try. Class #2 (ever) today. I feel worked but not injured, which is something I’ve struggled with in other efforts to recoup. Karl knows his stuff and helped me make the practice my own. Great location, great people… and great tea! Definitely coming back”

Rose Philp

“Loving the variety between classes. Lots of laughs and never boring. I’d never been to pilates before and now I’m hooked! Thanks Karl and Gracie”

Sara Martin

“My very 1st Pilates class today … Karl is a great instructor with passion for his job. I will be sore in the morning! Found some muscles I thought had long gone ??”

Marianne Gailer

“I have worked and studied with Karl over the past few years. Extremely knowledgable and his sessions are second to none. There is no other place for reformer Pilates!”

Bianca Jones

“Wow, what a workout and what a great team. It’s like having your own 1:1 personal trainer. These guys put you through your paces but it’s a fun, relaxed, super friendly vibe. Damn hard work but I think they’ve already got me hooked.”

Lucy Nichols

It is my pleasure to give a character and teaching reference for Karl.
I have known him for the past 3 years in his role as a professional Pilates instructor.
He has excellent interpersonal skills and finds the right balance in motivation. His classes (and I have attended at least 100 of them) are fun, his instructions are clear and concise and he manages classes of between 1 and 12 people with equal skills.
Even in busy and full sessions he has the ability to tailor individual sets of exercises to an individuals particular needs without detracting from the rest of the class and this is appreciated by his students.
He is personable and makes a genuine effort to understand what each person wants to get out of the class both in a short and longer term view and works progressively to reach those goals with sound training techniques and a great teaching style.
He would often spend time at the end of a class giving additional teaching to students to further facilitate their individual needs.
His classes were without doubt full of energy, well planned, and on time but most importantly his relaxed and competent teaching style made them always fun and I came away from them feeling tired but re energised.
Over the past 3 years he has worked wonders with my posture, flexibility and core strength and I wish him all the best in his new training environment.

Rajesh Patel

“Do you want to go to a Pilates class where you actually have fun? Where you get good tunes, a few dad jokes and a full on workout…. Then Karl’s class is for you! Karl has been my instructor for a few years now, and through this he has become a true friend too. We initially bonded over which Girltalk playlist went best with which Pilates moves. And from there, with his intense workouts mixed with giggles throughout the class meant I always came away with a sore but stronger core! I’m also that person in the class with multiple injuries which Karl always was able to account for and still made sure I came out the other end with a great workout. Gonna miss you Karl, but I guess Melbourne’s loss is Auckland’s gain!”

Madhvi Betigeri

I, too have had the pleasure of attending Karl’s classes for a number of years. Don’t be fooled by his boyish charm or enthusiasm – the man makes you work! His classes are always challenging and fun. What I’ve always appreciated about Karl (and something I’ve struggled to find in other trainers) is that despite teaching large classes, he has a way of always being attentive to each and every student – ensuring that postures and movements are correct without causing injury. I’ve had a number of issues – and I’ve truly appreciated Karl providing me with options – that continue to challenge, without causing harm! It’s good to know that there will be options available when I’m next in NZ

Sheetal Maharaj

“Seriously Karl, it is not too late to change your mind. I stated training with Karl during my rehab from a broken elbow and became addicted. Karl was always sure to adjust exercises to my needs. I got heaps stronger with Karl quickly thanks to his diligence and attention to detail. I really love the attention to stability exercises. Karl’s classes are fun and cheesy in the best possible way. He always makes sure to present you with a challenge when you need it. Be careful not to laugh too hard at the jokes, you will fall off the reformer.”

Robyn Wilmshurst

“My sister and i were lucky enough to have Karl as our Reformer Pilates instructor in Melbourne. It was our first time trying Pilates and he was excellent and very attentive. Karl makes time through the class to ensure you’re doing the exercise correctly and also to explain which muscles should be doing what. You can tell he has a genuine passion for Pilates and wanting to help people improve. Good luck Karl and thank you!”

Eleanor Crawford

“I’ve had the pleasure (although it didn’t always seem like it at the time) of training with Karl for the last few years, and I have honestly loved every damn class!!! His classes are always challenging and different! The enthusiasm and energy he brings to EVERY SINGLE CLASS is nothing short of amazing – it makes his torturous workouts enjoyable! Karl himself is super friendly and approachable which enables him to build a great rapport with his clients. He is great with technique and identifying peoples strengths and weakness so you always get the most out of a session.
I can’t wait to train with Karl again at Kia Kaha Studios!”

Erin Kaitler

“Karl was my reformer pilates teacher back in Melbourne. He always ensured that the exercises were done correctly with the correct technique so I would gain maximum benefit from my classes. My posture improved quickly swell as my slightly turned in feet! I highly recommend Karl as a teacher simply because he pays extra attention to make sure your getting the most out of your class!”

Loretta Combe

“New Zealand is so lucky to have Karl and the crew opening there!
Do yourself a favor and get into his class”

Eva Cassidy

“Karl is a brilliant trainer and a fantastic human. Don’t miss your chance to train with him!”

Chris McCombs

“Karl is an outstanding Pilates instructor. Love his classes!”

Stefanie Turner

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