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Yoga classes at Kia Kaha Studios are about taking what you need and leaving what you do not. There are many different types and styles of yoga and we aim to guide you through a unique and holistic practice with world-class instructors that are diverse, welcoming and open. Whether you are wanting a physically challenging class, or wanting to stretch and relax or even build up a sweat.


We are different from most and create a Yoga experience that has evolved and is inspired from traditional practices without prescribing to any specific style.

Our contemporary studio offers natural light through surrounding windows, complimentary mats and blocks, sweat and shower towels to ensure you can travel as light as possible and have a real boutique experience.

Our classes will always be different even though there is a common framework. We like to let our instructors use their knowledge and creativity to mix things up and make your practice different, every time.

Our styles are based on the principles of breath – pranayama, movement – asana and awareness – meditation. These are the foundation blocks of our 3 styles which welcome from beginners through to experienced yogis.

The benefits of a warm practice

Our room is set at a warm temperature ranging from 27˚C to 30˚C.

We like the summer temperatures as they provoke sweating, helping the body flush toxins from the skin and improving your lymphatic system.

The heat will also allow you to go a little bit more deeply and safely into your posture while elevating your heart rate, increasing your metabolism, allowing your blood vessels to become more flexible and making your body work harder. It is a great way to develop strength, flexibility and tone as well as improving breathing, circulation and increasing blood flow to the limbs. You will feel that amazing endorphin rush after completing a sweat session and you will leave your session feeling like you can take over the world!


Stay Hydrated

It is very important that you drink plenty of water before, during and after your Yoga practice with us. The room is kept at a warm temperature, so you will sweat more than in other classes and it can become very easy to dehydrate. Bring your own water bottle to have easy access to water throughout your practice.

Avoid eating too much or too little prior to practice

Light snacks are where it`s at. While you need to properly fuel your body before practice, heavy foods like dairy are not recommended. Foods with high water content such as watermelon or sodium content like bananas, are great pre-Yoga foods.

Listen to your body

Be mindful of your own body limitations. The heat can make you feel a little bit more flexible and looser than usual, so ensure you listen to your body and avoid any extreme trials. Time and practice will give you the opportunity to experiment safely.

MINDFUL (Yin Yoga)

A calm, slow paced class in a heated room that works on gentle movements, deeper held stretches, and mindfulness to…


Vinyasa means to move in time with your breath.
Our classes are designed to…

Hot Yoga

This heated class is not Bikram! We offer you the opportunity to flow and sweat, connecting…



Participate in our 4-week Yoga Foundations Course starting every first Tuesday and Thursday of the month from 12pm-12:50pm.
*You can choose to attend Tuesday OR Thursday each week.
*Bookings are essential
*To book for these classes, purchase any of our silver or gold packs or use your membership.

Week 1: Flow Yoga (Vinyasa)

An introduction to Flow Yoga, also known as Vinyasa. This style of Yoga focuses on synchronizing and letting our breath lead sequences of movement and postures that are practised in a progressive and fluid way. Start to learn how to breath and move through a detailed breakdown of classical Sun Salutations typically practised in Yoga classes. Calm the mind, strengthen and stretch your body while releasing any accumulated tension or pain.

Week 2: Power Yoga

An introduction to Power Yoga, also known as Gym Yoga. This style of Yoga focuses on building stability and strength, toning your body and developing your inner strength. Start to learn how to practise Yoga poses safely and efficiently through the FAE model (Foundation, Alignment & Engagement). Find balance, develop your potential and live with greater power.

Week 3: Yin Yoga

An introduction to Yin Yoga, also known as Stretching Yoga. This style of Yoga focuses on longer held Yoga stretches & postures releasing and relaxing the muscles to work with deeper tissues of the body (fascia, tendons & ligaments). Start to learn how to mindfully go deeper in your Yoga practice, correct posture imbalances and help in injury prevention by developing your flexibility. Let go and go deep, improve your flexibility both in body and mind.

Week 4: Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga

An introduction to Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga. This style of Yoga focuses on healing, recuperation and greater awareness towards your health and wellbeing. Start to learn through a series of supported and gentle Yoga poses how to let go of issues that hold you back, and find healing through the system of Yoga in a relaxed and nourishing way. Heal, replenish and find more freedom, joy and lightness on your life.

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A calm, slow paced class in a heated room that works on gentle movements, deeper held stretches, and mindfulness to help you wind down, de-stress and regenerate. With the room heated to 23-30 degrees you can safely go deeper than the muscular level and become more aware of your ligaments, tendons and fascia to create new space and freedom around your whole body. Perfect complement to our other Yoga, Cardio and Pilates classes and any other of your activities that have a more dynamic and active flow. Influences: Yin, Therapeutic, Restorative and Meditation.


Vinyasa means to move in time with your breath.
Our classes are designed to create a flow state within you while you practice. Moving in time with your breath anchors your mind to your body, and body to your breath, creating unity of all aspects of you allowing you to drop into a flow state. What is flow? It is a state of moving meditation where the thinking mind can take a back seat as you let your body intuitively move in time with your breath through a sequence.
You can expect to feel energised and wall away with a yoga glow after class.

Hot Yoga

This heated class is not Bikram! We offer you the opportunity to flow and sweat, connecting body and breath to your movements and powerful poses. With the room heated to around 30 degrees, this provides enough heat to detoxify, and gives you a way to create your own internal heat so every class is like a trip to the tropics. Re-energise and challenge yourself by developing your endurance, strength, flexibility, stability and coordination. Discover your full potential while respecting and working with your current capabilities. Influences: Vinyasa, Hatha and Power Yoga.

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