The Kia Kaha Way

A Māori phrase that means “Be Strong”. Our team believes strength comes from within and covers spiritual (heart), mental (mind) and physical (body) states.

Kia Kaha Studios aims to assist people through the journey of finding their strength in order to continuously develop self-confidence, well-being and a healthy body. We provide exercise programs that focus on activating a variety of muscle groups and work to strengthen and lengthen the spine so that you can stand taller and improve your flexibility, balance and body awareness.

We understand that everybody is different and we believe that we should aim to be the best we can. With that in mind, we will always encourage you to challenge your limits but also understand your body, keep focused on technique and go at your own pace.

Meditating to feel good

Our Mission is to provide a space

 Where people aren’t judged

Are able to learn

Exposed to different things

Where self awareness is fostered and developed


Welcome to Our Beautiful Studios

Kia Kaha Studios` facilities have:

  • 2 toilets
  • Complimentary grooming and skin care products
  • Hair dryer, sweat towels
  • Lockers to store your valuables
  • Water station to fill your water bottles.
  • Free tea to relax and chat (when not in Red or Orange)

Flourish facilities have:

  • Toilets
  • All natural cleaning products and equipment
  • Sweat towels
  • Water station to fill your water bottles

Meet Our Team

All our team have a unifying trait, their services are part of a whole, and for a balanced lifestyle we need to look at them all.

Billee White
Sophia Eveline

Sophia is passionate about self-awareness, alignment, movement, and connection. She discovered yoga as a way to channel each of these aspects into the present moment. In her yoga classes she acknowledges how unique each individual is, and holds space for others to explore their own mind, body, and spirit.

Sophia completed a Diploma in Yoga at Wellpark college which heightened her interest in the different non-physical and physical aspects that contribute to health and wellbeing. This led her to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she completed her training as a Health Coach. As a learning enthusiast, Sophia continues to deepen her knowledge through both internal and external inquiry.

Sophia’s approach to teaching is gentle and functional, focusing less on how the body looks and more on how it feels. Within her offerings, she includes teachings from the Law of Attraction to encourage openness, empowerment, and living with intention.

Sally Davis
Adam Mather

Adams passion is a balanced lifestyle. Join him for energision Pilates Cardio and Pilates as he guides you to a better understanding of how to use your body and maintain FUNctional movement.

Associated Health Practicioners

Billee White
Kimberley Bell

Raised on the shore Karl travelled the world as a diving instructor and somehow managed to find himself as a manager for a manufacturing company. Realising that his life had somehow gone from a fit, outdoor lifestyle to an office surrounded by welding equipment he took the obvious steps to rectify this mistake. Having a body that was ageing from misuse and a sedentary lifestyle he was referred to pilates and hasn’t looked back. Taking it to the extreme he immersed himself in it and actually changed his career to help others find movement and health. With a BCom from Auckland Uni, a Cert IV in pilates from Breathe and a Cert IV in Personal training in Melbourne he has a wide range of knowledge and loves a good challenge and will help you push past boundaries that you thought were there. In the meantime he will distract you with his terrible dad jokes and casual banter so that it all seems little more enjoyable and a bit of an escape.

Billee White
Tiare Tolks

At times, life can get messy. Whether the messiness is related to challenges in our relationships, work, a transition phase of life, resulting from an unexpected painful event or an ongoing unsolvable stressor – whatever the context, it can leave us feeling varying degrees of Sad, Bad or Mad (or the full trifecta).

If feeling Sad, Bad or Mad is affecting your functioning or stopping you from excelling and enjoying life, therapist support may help you reclaim a sense of fulfilment, true purpose and direction. Or just get back on track.

Whilst Sad, Bad and Mad can feel overwhelming and hard, they also present an amazing opportunity for growth. Through therapy, I support my clients to gain clarity, awareness and understanding, as well as motivation to make courageous new choice in times of messiness. Together we examine our human ‘go to traps’ (the way we think, feel and behave)  and experiment with skills and strategies that empower one to better navigate life. Sometimes, through exploration and awareness development, we just recognise that yesterday’s solutions aren’t working for today’s problems (and we find new solutions).

My driver is facilitating discovery and encouraging new ways to be and do. Helping others to do things differently results in systemic change and that excites me. I love working with individuals but I also like facilitating groups and developing programmes to achieve a broader reach.

At the heart of my work are my favourite empirically evidenced modalities all of which encompass a mind-body philosophy. My approach is solutions and strengths focussed with values, neuroscience and compassion being at the centre.  My style is warm, eclectic and tailored to address the needs of the present moment.

If you are considering therapy and are curious about whether  you and I might be a good fit, drop me a line on or call me on 0221228923.


Welcoming vibe

We offer a place where you can turn up, have a tea and and chat then do some movement, making the challenge fun.


Professional & Friendly Staff

With smaller classes you will be addressed individually each time and encouraged as we share in your journey to health.


Sooooo many classes

With classes from 6am and only finishing at 8:30pm we cater to most schedules.


Fitness requires balance

We have professionals who specialise in each area AND also professionals who work in multiple areas so you can find the mix that best works for you.


Learn for yourself

We encourage you to learn the ‘Why” of each aspect as then you can choose, or not choose, the options that best suit you on any given day/week


Locally owned and operated

Keeping it in the community just works, as all the instructors and owner live locally and this is their baby.

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”

Joseph Pilates

(09) 600 1890


5 Auburn ave, Takapuna


5 Huron ave, Takapuna

Power Up

Killarney Park, 38 Killarney st, Takapuna.