Kia Kaha Yoga

Yoga classes at Kia Kaha Studios are about taking what you need and leaving what you do not. There are many different types and styles of Yoga and we aim to guide you through a unique and holistic practice with world-class instructors that are diverse, welcoming and open. Whether you are wanting a physically challenging class, or wanting to stretch and relax or even build up a sweat.


Yoga meditation
Yoga Chest and hip opener

Our Yoga ethos is

to create a space where you can know yourself better and strengthen yourself through connection. 

By understanding our bodies better we can use this as an access point to be able to check in with our thoughts. Maybe you are drawn to one style of exercise more? Find it hard to challenge yourself physically? Or is it harder for you to remain still and hold a stretch. With no judgment or expectation you can find how to introduce these aspects into your life and hopefully use these trainings to change how you interact with others, and yourself, off the mat.

We are different from most and create a Yoga experience that has evolved and is inspired from traditional practices without prescribing to any specific style.

Our contemporary studio offers natural light through surrounding windows, complimentary mats and blocks, sweat and shower towels to ensure you can travel as light as possible and have a real boutique experience.

Our classes will always be different even though there is a common framework. We like to let our instructors use their knowledge and creativity to mix things up and make your practice different, every time.

Our styles are based on the principles of breath – pranayama, movement – asana and awareness – meditation. These are the foundation blocks of our 3 styles which welcome from beginners through to experienced Yogis.

Yoga Tree pose
Hot Yoga

This heated class is not Bikram! We offer you the opportunity to flow and sweat, connecting body and breath to your movements and powerful poses. With the room heated to around 30 degrees, this provides enough heat to detoxify, and gives you a way to create your own internal heat so every class is like a trip to the tropics. Re-energise and challenge yourself by developing your endurance, strength, flexibility, stability and coordination. Discover your full potential while respecting and working with your current capabilities. Influences: Vinyasa, Hatha and Power Yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa means to move in time with your breath.
Our classes are designed to create a flow state within you while you practice. Moving in time with your breath anchors your mind to your body, and body to your breath, creating unity of all aspects of you allowing you to drop into a flow state. What is flow? It is a state of moving meditation where the thinking mind can take a back seat as you let your body intuitively move in time with your breath through a sequence.
You can expect to feel energised and wall away with a Yoga glow after class.

Mindful Yin Yoga Stretch

Can’t touch your toes? While enlightenment doesn’t reside on the soles of your feet, you may find it on the way down! If you are feeling tight ain muscles this is the class for you.
Through longer held stretches you will not only help your muscles work to their full capacity but also help your body recover from your muscular strengthening workouts (weights, pilates etc)
The other benefit is finding that clarity of mind to be able to find the balance between comfort and discomfort where you are stretching but also able to hold it and relax, opening up those joints and releasing tension.

What to know about Yoga


Asana and Pranayama

These are 2 key principles of Yoga, the physical movement and breathing. by connecting to your breath and giving your body movement you can practice the other 6 principles.


Don't compare yourself

There is no goal, there is no right way. You don’t need to do it like the person next to you. Walk your own path and be grateful for all that you have.


I'm not flexible

You don’t go to the gym only if you are fit, you go to get fit. Through movement practices that encourage a wide range of movement you can gain flexibility.

“When you know yourself you are empowered. When you accept yourself you are invincible”

Tine Lifford

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