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    Frequently Asked Questions

    First timers – Reformer Pilates

    • What is Reformer Pilates?

      • Pilates is a form of resistance training that focus on core stability and helps build long lean muscles.
      • It involves stretching, movement control and resistance with the assistance of a reformer bed and apparatus such as light weights, a pilates ring, jumping boards, etc.

    • How is Kia Kaha Studios different?

      • We focus on a dynamic fast-paced workout with continuous and controlled movements that will make you leave feeling like you used your entire body.
      • With us it is about your lifestyle, preventing injuries and committing to a long term relationship with yourself.
      • We will help you understand your body, improve your balance, flexibility and co-ordination.
      • You will leave our classes feeling mentally and physically challenged with a sense of improvement every time. The results come fast and you will notice them.
      • You will have fun!

    • What do I need to bring to my first class?

      Yourself and your active wear. We supply hand and shower towels and water stations. You are welcome to bring your own water bottle and fill up in our water stations too. Please note we do not wear shoes on the reformer beds, we do it bare feet or with a grip sock.

    • What level should I start at?

      We do ask that all customers that have never done a Pilates class before, start at our our Mat Pilates Foundations class. This is to ensure everyone learns the correct posture and foundations to step into a Reformer Pilates class with confidence. If you have done a Reformer Pilates class before but are new to Kia Kaha, we ask that you start at Beginners Level as we do run things a little bit differently. It is important that all individuals are in similar stages when moving through levels with us. This will ensure classes are run more effectively and you are more comfortable with our method and lingo.

    • Do I need to book?

      YES, bookings are essential to ensure that there is a space for you, also if there is no one booked in we may cancel the class up to 2 hours before.

    First timers – Yoga

    • Is Kia Kaha`s Yoga Bikram?

      No, very different! Bikram is a system of Yoga created by Bikram Choudhury based on traditional Hatha Yoga. Classes will go for 90 mins in a room of 40 degree + and will consist of 26 postures. Yoga at Kia Kaha is practiced between 23 – 30 degrees with influences of Vinyasa, Yin, Yin Yang, meditation; and we do like to leave our instructors with freedom to use their creativity.

    • I have never done Warm Yoga before, what class should I start at?

      • You can attend any of our classes as a first timer, however we recommend either taking our Yoga Foundations Course or starting by attending our Mindful class. Just have a quick read of the descriptions and see what you feel like achieving and how you feel on that day.
      • No phones are allowed in class, leave it in your locker and be right here with us.
      • If you feel overwhelmed by the heat at any point, just sit or lie on the mat and focus on your breathing. We do not recommend leaving the room unless it is an emergency.

    • What do I need to bring?

      We offer complimentary mats, blocks, sweat and shower towels and a water fountain. You are welcome to bring your own mat and equipment if you prefer. Please bring in water bottle to fill up and wear comfortable breathable clothing that is not restrictive.

    • Can I eat before class?

      Avoid eating too much or too little prior to practice: light snacks are where it`s at. While you need to properly fuel your body before practice, heavy foods like dairy are not recommended. Foods with high water content such as watermelon or sodium content like bananas, are great pre-yoga foods.

    First timers – HIIT and DANCEFIT

    • Are Kia Kaha`s Cardio classes suitable for everyone?

      Yes, our cardio classes are suitable for people at all levels with appropriate modifications available to help you ease into the class.

    • Should I bring runners?

      Our cardio classes are high intensity, but low impact. We do advise that you wear your gym shoes to ensure it is comfortable.

    Kia Kaha Classes

    • How many classes should I be doing?

      • It depends on your fitness goals and where, in your general exercise journey, you are starting with us. It is a personal thing and the progress will also depend on how you adapt to our exercises and how your body recovers. We generally recommend around 2-3 classes per week with a continuous increase as your fitness level rises.
      • If you are more ambitious and want faster and better results, we recommend increasing your attendance to 3-5 classes per week. The more you do, the more you will achieve. Keeping in mind that rest is equally important.
      • To find out the best fit for you, we recommend speaking to one of our instructors as they will be able to assess your personal situation and help you achieve your goals.

    • Where are we located?

      • We are based on Level 1 – 18 Byron Ave, Takapuna. Only a few minutes walk to the beach and Takapuna`s busy centre and 10 minutes away from the city.
      • Find Kia Kaha Studio`s on Google Maps here
      • There are car parks just outside our studio – plenty of spaces for everyone.

    • When should I arrive?

      It is important that all new comers come at least 10 minutes before class commencement. This will give us a chance to check you in, get to know you and for you to fill out a client registration form and familiarize yourself with our facilities.

    • How many people per class?

      • Reformer Pilates: we have a maximum of 12 clients per class. As we run small group classes, our Trainers are able to focus on each individual to achieve maximum benefit.
      • Yoga and Mat Pilates: we have a maximum of 12 clients per class, which allows ample space between mats to ensure a comfortable practice
      • HIIT, DanceFIT: we have a maximum of 12 clients per session to ensure individual attention is given and there is enough space for a good cardio session.

    • Can I still do classes if I have an injury?

      • This will depend on your injury and doctor`s recommendations. It is advisable and sometimes required to get a GP/Physio medical certificate if you injury is serious.
      • In case of injuries we do recommend starting with private classes so our trainers can assess if group classes are appropriate for you. This is to ensure you are not putting yourself in danger or further risk.


    • Bookings

      Book your class with Kia Kaha Studios via our website or the MindBody mobile app. To ensure you do not miss out, book in advance and guarantee your spot.

    • Waitlist

      If your preferred class is fully booked, make sure you get on our waitlist as 9 out of 10 times, there will be a cancellation and the line will move. To waitlist, just click on the class as you are going to book it. You will receive an e-mail if a space is free.

    • Cancellations

      • We have an 8 hour cancellation policy – this is to ensure there is enough time for other clients to book. If you are late to cancel and cancel your class with less than 8 hours or do not show up to a class, you will still be charged for that class.
      • All 1:1 and 2:1 classes have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

    Pre and Post Natal Clients

    • Is it ok to do Pilates while pregnant?

      • Absolutely! Pre-natal clients can attend group pilates classes up until they are 15 weeks along. Please advise your trainer so any necessary modifications can be made to your movements. Ask us about our pre and post natal qualified trainers.
      • After 15 weeks we can look at a 1:1 or 2:1 system to ensure we adapt the exercises to your body changes.

    • Can I do Pilates or Yoga after pregnancy?

      • Yes, but it is important to have your 6 week check up and receive the “ok” from your GP or Obstetrician to avoid any potential issues. We will require a letter to aknowledge all is clear before your first class. It is also strongly recommended that you start back in beginner classes to build those foundations again.

    • Mums and Bubs

      • Mums are welcome to create a group of 4 or more mums for a Pilates or Yoga Mums & Bubs and/or at 1:1 or 2:1 privates. Please give us a call or e-mail us to organise a time.
      • Child must be up to crawling age (around 6 months) and be in a capsule for at least majority of the session.

    • Is ok to do Hot Yoga while pregnant?

      We do not recommend this group practise for pregnant clients. If you would like a 1:1 or 2:1 session, please let us know and we will be happy to arrange.

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    • Come and flow this sequence with our bright and bubbly Shannon, classes tonight 4pm 5:30pm and 7:30pm
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    • KARMA Yoga is on this Labour weekend, timetable running as per usual come in and get your body moving while you have the time to move it! Yoga, Pilates, HIIT!! .
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    • Introducing Catalina! So blessed to have this amazing passionate beauty back here teaching yoga!! Catalina is an Internationally registered 200hr qualified Yoga and Aerial Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance USA. She is also an Antigravity Instructor. Currently, she is doing a 1.200 hr Yoga Diploma (300 RYT) in Auckland, New Zealand. Originally from Chile, her free and adventurous spirit has moved her around the globe, where she has explored different cultures and connect with her inner wisdom. In this journey, she has had the opportunity of sharing the practice with great masters and students around the world, broadening her understanding of Yoga and life. Her practice is deeply rooted in Indian tradition, where she was formed as Yoga Teacher and could experience the depth of this ancient practice. For her, the practice of yoga is about connecting the body with the mind through the breath, as a way to be in a state of awareness, inner calmness and presence. Her interest in holistic healing, as an alternative way for health and balance, leaded her to learn and practice different techniques of energetic healing, such as Reiki and Thetahealing. .
#ilovetakapuna #reiki
#yogaeverydamnday #yogaforlife #yogaislove #yoga #yogaforlife #passionate #mindbodysoul #minfulness #strongissexy
    • Introducing Olivia! Welcome to the Kia Kaha team! 
Olivia has just completed her STOTT instructor training and loves pilates as a form of movement. Olivia is also an Early Childhood teacher and has been teaching since 2010.

Olivia loves traveling, grew up on the north shore, is passionate about holistic wellness and loves being in nature.

Olivia aims to create classes that empower clients to move, gain body awareness, learn about the fundamentals of pilates and to be challenged!
#reformerpilates #pilates #pilateseveryday #strengthtraining #mindbodysoul #mindbodyconnection #strongisbeautiful #ilovetakapuna #takapuna #stottpilates
    • Karma this Sunday is with the amazing @janine_croft so privileged to have this beauty teach in our space! Come and join us! All donations given to @everybodyeatsnz
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    • Weekend yoga!! That's right!... #yogaeverydamnday Saturday and Sunday 9am and 10:30am get your yoga in with plenty of time for day tripping to the beach! @b.conscious_yoga
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    • Ever wanted to hold a glorious handstand?
• Build Strength, flexibility& stamina
• Fun, safe and friendly atmosphere
Getting your very first handstand/ one handed handstand is closer than you may think. Freedom2fly is on a mission to help people realise their personal goals of getting a solid handstand -getting it up-and keeping it up. Thats what counts, after all!
Industry experts Jess and Jair are touring NZ sharing their love of all things acro whether that be ground based or airborne. With a positive mental attitude and a fun sense of humour they share personal tricks of the trade which enable people from all walks of life to go as far as they can in a safe, friendly and fun environment and more often than not students surprise themselves with how far they can actually go!
The beauty of working towards a handstand is you are forced to
focus on all aspects of your general bodys’ wellbeing. Flexibility, strength and stamina all come into play when you start on your journey to that very attainable handstand. Patience, perseverance, persistence and surrounding yourself with others who surprisingly want the same thing will get you closer than you ever thought possible!
bookings essential via or ph 09 600 1890
13 minimum to run the event max 20 places available
earlybird price $35 if paid for before the 10th of October .
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